How much will I save with GasSaver installed?

If you are installing a modern 'A' rated boiler, you will see improved boiler effieciency and therefore save money on your fuel bills compared with the cost of older technologies.

However, there is still waste associated even with 'A' rated boilers and you may have noticed signs of lost energy in the form of excessive 'pluming' at the flue outlet, that looks like steam.

GasSaver recovers energy that is otherwise lost to the atmosphere and re-uses it to heat your hot water.

You will save, on average, 37% of the energy required to produce hot water, so gas bills will be noticeably lower.

With GasSaver you will also find that the hot water delivered to your taps runs at a usable temperature much quicker, so you waste less water waiting for cold water to run through.

You will save, typically, 7% on your water bill.

Only with GasSaver will you be able to achieve maximum boiler efficiency and enjoy increased hot water comfort.

The actual amounts of money saved with GasSaver installed varies according to the size of your property and the amount of hot water used. Householders in average-sized three-bedroom semi detached properties report quarterly savings in the winter in the region of £100.

You will see the highest efficiency improvements and savings during the winter months when fuel bills are at their highest and savings are most welcome.

GasSaver generally pays for itself within five years and will also reduce your carbon emissions.


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