GasSaver provides one of the most practical ways to make your home more energy efficient.

Most boilers, even 'A' rated condensing boilers, still lose heat through the flue outlet. GasSaver boilers capture otherwise wasted heat and use it to help generate hot water for use around your home. GasSaver typically results in an annual saving of 37% of energy needed to deliver hot water.

GasSaver gives you more hot water just by making use of all the energy from the gas that you have already paid for.

The GasSaver is a patented energy-saving system that saves up to 37% of the energy required for generating hot water.

GasSaver is manufactured to the highest quality standards, is approved under the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), and is recommended by the Energy Savings Trust.

GasSaver is especially effective during colder winter months when energy demands are at their highest and incoming mains water temperatures are at their lowest. There is a large seasonal swing in the temperature of the cold water mains temperature, which may reach 20°C in summer as fall as low as 4°C in winter (source: TUV).

The graph opposite illustrates the seasonal variation in mains water temperature and demonstrates that the energy required in January can be three-times the amount of energy required in August to deliver positive results.

GasSaver (a PFGHRD) benefits are at their optimum in winter months when savings are most needed. As your gas boiler consumes more gas, so GasSaver recovers more wasted energy, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions and cuts fuel bills.

GasSaver has been proven to save around 37% of the annual energy requirement for domestic hot water production.

A key benefit of GasSaver is that it reduces the amount of wasted lukewarm water that a boiler produces. GasSaver boilers produce useful hot water faster, which means households see a drop in their water consumption and water bills.

Other GasSaver benefits include:

  • Low cost
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for new build or boiler replacement
  • Zero maintenance
  • GasSaver requires no mains electricity to operate


A short video explaining how GasSaver recovers and re-uses flue gases to reduce the cost of heating domestic hot water.

Watch GasSaver Overview Video

Seasonal DWH energy variations