Hot Water SuperFlow for faster flow rates and quicker hot water at your taps

The SuperFlow system is a super-efficient, all-in-one domestic heating and hot water solution for energy conscious homeowners. Fast hot water plus fuel bill savings.

The SuperFlow system combines the full energy saving benefits of GasSaver with a unique dual flow rate thermal store and combination boiler system to give you both high performance and incredible economy.

For demanding tasks with large water volume requirements, such as filling the bath, The SuperFlow's dual flow rate thermal store system boosts the hot water flow rate for rapid fill. For normal, day-to-day hot water requirements the system operates in super-efficient mode.

The SuperFlow gives you all the economy benefits of a combi boiler Gassaver system but eliminates the flow rate problems that are often associated with combi boilers.

The SuperFlow system's economy can be boosted even more with the unique 'renewables' pack that includes both wind and solar power options that create a highly efficient home energy centre.

The SuperFlow system is recognised by the NHBC as suitable for multi-bathroom properties where a standard combi-boiler would not be capable of providing a high enough hot water flow rate.

The standard SuperFlow system and the PV-solar enhanced version of the SuperFlow system are both recognised under the Government's SAP scheme and can be used to count towards the energy rating of a dwelling.

Energy savings can help a dwelling attain various standards under the Code For Sustainable Homes.

The SuperFlow system incorporates GasSaver technology and allows a combi boiler to provide flow rates of up to 20 litres per minute.

The SuperFlow system is sold under license by Alpha Boilers as the Alpha FlowSmart system and by Baxi and Potterton as the Advance.


SuperFlow is ideal for new build houses

GasSaver Alpha FlowSmart

GasSaver Alpha Wall Mount FlowSmart

SuperFlow Hot Water in new build homes

SuperFlow is ideal in new homes as a super-efficient domestic heating and hot water solution that delivers fast water flow rates and saves money.