The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund involved the assessment of applications you could make to undertake energy-saving improvements to your home.

The sort of improvement that could save you the most energy depends on the type of home you have, but typical examples include the most efficient boilers available that incorporate GasSaver passive flue gas heat recovery technology.

The scheme included various ways to check if your property could benefit from energy-saving improvements You can still

Which? offers this helpful guide to what is involved in a Green Deal Assessment.

However, the Government cancelled the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund in July 2014

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is closed to new applications though you'll still be able to get money if you applied before the scheme closed and your application meets the terms and conditions.

The closure of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has caused controversy and debate.

The GDHIF closed in July 2014, when vouchers to the value of £120m were claimed just weeks after the fund was opened.

The BBC reported that contractors are going out of business because payments from the GDHIF have been delayed. The Department for Energy and Climate Change has blamed delays on the time it takes for Green Deal assessments and the need to check the validity of applications.

There are others who go so far as to describe the closure of the GDHIF as a shambles and are lobbying for refunds for people who have already paid for Green Deal Assessments.