Potterton boilers have been part of the UK landscape for more than a century. Over the years, Potterton has been responsible for many design innovations and the company invests continually in R&D to deliver high-performance boilers that meet the needs of today's homes. Now part of the Baxi Group, Potterton remains a separate brand with its own unique designs.

Potterton offers the multifit GasSaver as an innovative product that sits between the boiler and flue. GasSaver recycles the heat from the flue gases that would normally be expelled and wasted. GasSaver has been proven by independent testing to achieve domestic hot water savings of up to 7% and to reduce the gas used to heat hot water by average of 37% annually.

GasSaver stores the normally wasted condensate and uses it preheat water coming into the boiler from the cold mains supply. GasSaver reduces the amount of gas required by the boiler to heat the water, which means lower energy bills and greener performance.

GasSaver-compatible Potterton boilers include: Potterton Promax Combi HE Plus, Promax System HE Plus, Gold Combi HE, Gold System HE A and the Potterton Heatmax Combi HE boiler range.


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Which? Best Buy Potterton Gold System HE Combi Gas Boiler Range

Which? Best buy Potterton Gold System HE Range 24 28 33kW

Potterton best buy combi boiler | Which?

Potterton Promax Combi HE Plus range

The Potterton Promax Combi HE Plus A provides excellent flow rates and outputs to suit every requirement. These compact, wall-mounted boilers are designed to be quick and easy to install in a wide range of homes.

Potterton Promax Combi HE Plus with GasSaver

Potterton Promax System HE Plus range

This compact, domestic boiler is designed for systems that have a separate hot water storage cylinder. Other benefits include Potterton's proven reliability, built-in frost protection, flues that can be fitted almost anywhere and a pump that automatically runs every 24 hours to keep itself in prime condition.

Potterton Promax System HE Plus with GasSaver

Potterton Gold Combi HE range

As a heating industry innovator, Potterton provides the answers for high efficiency heating. The Potterton Gold Combi HE A comes with a two year parts and labour warranty, integral clock and a choice of flue systems for flexible boiler siting.

Potterton Gold Combi HE with GasSaver

Potterton Gold System HE A range

Offering a choice of outputs, the Potterton Gold System HE A reliably meets the heating and water requirements of even the largest of properties.

Potterton Gold System HE A with GasSaver

Potterton Heatmax Combi HE range

A range of high-efficiency combination boilers that are quick and easy to install in a wide range of homes. As flexible as they are reliable, each model offers built-in frost protection and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Potterton Heatmax Combi HE with GasSaver

The Potterton Multifit GasSaver

The Potterton Multifit GasSaver is an innovative energy saving product that fits easily between a boiler and flue

Potterton Multifit GasSaver | Multifit ranges