Information for boiler installers: GasSaver is the ideal product for installers with customers looking for high energy-efficiency and fuel bill savings

GasSaver can be fitted in about an hour on top of a range of boilers from Baxi, Potterton and Alpha, or installed in a single appliance in the Alpha InTec range with GasSaver built-in.

GasSaver is a passive flue gas heat recovery device (PFGHRD) that captures heat that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere via the flue. It raises boiler efficiency beyond the 'A' rating to enable boilers to reach close to 100% efficiency.

Independent GasSaver testing by TUV, TNO and Gastec has shown that the system saves an average of 37% of the energy required to produce hot water. The system is also recognised under the government's SAP scheme which adds extra credibility and means that installing GasSaver can count towards a building's energy rating.

The system works by providing a separate, cooler environment for condensing escaping flue gases and recovering heat that would be lost. The recovered heat is used to pre-heat domestic hot water.

GasSaver provides boiler installers and householders with a highly-efficient, greener and cost-effective boiler option.

GasSaver is the invention of Zenex Technologies, a company that specialises in energy and cost-saving gas and water products. GasSaver typically pays for itself within five years.

If you would like more information about GasSaver or are interested in becoming a heating consultant or an accredited GasSaver installer, please get in touch.