If you can't control or reduce UK gas prices, at least use all the gas you pay for!

Condensing boilers are no longer special news. They have been around since the 1980s and have been common place since the building regulations changed in 2005 to make condensing boilers virtually compulsory.

Today, condensing boilers comprise more than 95% of the new boiler market.

The UK Government drove the market penetration of condensing gas boilers, and in so doing stimulated more competition and a price drop in so-called energy-saving boilers that had been thought of as a green nice-to-have.

Now, getting people to think beyond modern boiler efficiency, because 'A' rated condensing boilers are perhaps considered as it good as it gets, is comparable to asking someone to think about a condensing boiler, pre-2005.

GasSaver won't bring gas prices down, but it will ensure you don't waste the gas you buy.

GasSaver is a device that offers greater efficiency than even 'A' rated condensing boilers and if it does not bring gas prices down, GasSaver at least ensures that you use the gas you've paid for.

When you attach GasSaver to a condensing gas boiler, it draws even more heat from the flue gases and uses it to pre-heat the water going into the boiler. The technology is known as Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery and GasSaver is PFGHR Device.

Fitting GasSaver to a boiler has been demonstrated to produce gas savings of up to 40% for hot water generation and consequently PFGHRDs should be seen as a ground-breaking British technology from Zenex Technologies, that is recognised in Building Regulations, recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and recognised in the Green Deal.

Baxi, Alpha and Potterton have adopted GasSaver PFGHR technology. Alpha Boilers offer a built-in version in its Alpha Intec GS range so that you can install the boiler and GasSaver in one appliance.

GasSaver comes at an additional cost, however it pays for itself, usually within five years, and certainly within the life of the boiler.

When we say GasSaver pays for itself, that's at today's gas prices. If recent UK gas price trends continue, GasSaver will pay for itself even sooner, while it also provides you with hot water faster, greener boiler performance and lower gas bills, even if, sadly, GasSaver doesn't reduce gas company prices.

GasSaver can't reduce the prices charged for gas by UK utility companies, but it can ensure you use the gas you pay for. The recapture of lost energy translates into a typical annual saving of 37% of the energy required to produce domestic hot water.