Energy Saving boilers with GasSaver

The way gas boilers are rated for energy efficiency, and therefore potential energy savings, could be considered a little misleading as even SEDBUK Band A Rating percentages as are not as good as it gets!

You may have noticed that even when a household has just had a new boiler installed that there is excessive 'pluming' that looks like steam coming from the outlet flue. What you see is condensate, which is a sign that energy is being wasted and that the new boiler is not equipped with GasSaver.

GasSaver provides you with maximum boiler efficiency and energy savings, and greener boiler performance that reduces your fuel bill.

When you select a boiler with GasSaver you are choosing the most efficient boiler available. GasSaver recaptures heat that is usually lost via the flue and uses it to heat your water. GasSaver therefore represents one of the most practical and sensible ways for homeowners to achieve energy savings.

GasSaver captures heat that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere and uses it to help generate hot water for domestic use.

With GasSaver, the recapture of lost energy results in energy savings that translate into a typical annual saving of 37% of the energy required to produce hot water.

To consider it another way, GasSaver provides you with more usable hot water than a typical solar hot water system, simply by extracting all the energy from the gas that you have already paid for!

GasSaver is a patented energy saving device that reduces the energy requirements for hot water production, cuts water wastage and is reduces carbon emissions.