Zenex Technologies is a company that specialises in gas and water energy saving devices.

Zenex Technologies Limited was established in 2003 to develop a range of technologies to address future energy needs by improving the overall efficiency of domestic and commercial boilers and hot water systems.

Zenex has invested more than £3 million to develop a range of innovative, energy-saving technologies.

The Zenex range of products includes GasSaver; Superflow and Superflow with Renewables, which are patented and whose performance has been independently verified by impartial testing bodies such as TUV NEL, TNO and Gastec.

Zenex technology innovations are recognised as new energy saving categories within UK Building Regulations.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) recognises GasSaver in its Energy Saving Recommended scheme, under a new product endorsement category: "Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Devices and Systems".

GasSaver has been awarded the Waterwise mark in recognition of the water savings it provides by delivering usable hot water much more quickly, which results in less wasted water as the water comes up to a useable temperature much quicker.