Winter fuel bill reduction

Everyone enjoys a good break when the weather is at its coldest and energy use is at its highest. A lower gas bill with better winter boiler performance is possible with GasSaver technology.

Reducing your use of gas helps to save money as the prices of fuel increase.

The cost of heating your home accounts for about 60% of energy bills, and bills are generally at their highest during the colder winter months.

By choosing the most energy and cost-efficient gas boiler with GasSaver technology, you will be able to avoid wasting energy that would otherwise be released via the flue into the atmosphere. Enjoy the best of winter boiler performance with the most efficient boiler available.

The heat retained by GasSaver is used to heat your hot water, which you will find arrives faster at your taps than systems without GasSaver installed. You not only enjoy the best of winter boiler performace, but you also save on your water bill, too, with savings of up to 37% on your hot water production costs and a saving of 7% on your water bill.

With GasSaver, you enjoy less gas wastage, plus less water wasted while waiting for your taps to run warm, which results in lower winter bills.

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