Reduce carbon footprint with low CO2 emissions super condensing gas boilers using cool flue technology

When choosing a new boiler you may be interested to your bit for the environment.

Boiler efficiency ratings don't include all the factors that contribute to gas use and CO2 emissions that create greenhouse gases.

If you are interested in greener boiler performance, you'll achieve 97%+ efficiency with a GasSaver boiler and lower yuor carbon footprint.

Even 'A' rated boilers do not give such high boiler efficiency as they still lose energy via the flue, which can be seen as 'pluming', which looks like steam.

GasSaver would be a good investment for you, depending on your seasonal energy use. GasSaver captures wasted heat and uses it for domestic hot water production.

In tests, GasSaver has been shown to reduce the energy used for hot water production by 37% and to reduce water bills by 7%.

There are many good boiler brands available and modern 'A' rated condensing boilers are generally efficient, quiet and reliable. However, only GasSaver gives you 97%+ boiler efficiency..

Consider GasSaver when you research green boiler options

A multifit or built-in GasSaver boiler solution is a good investment if you want to enjoy greener boiler performance.

GasSaver is acknowledged by The Energy Saving Trust as an innovative energy saving device.

Independent tests have shown that if 500,000 boilers with GasSaver devices were installed in homes, 56,209,150 cubic metres of gas would be saved and 114,734,118 kg of carbon dioxide emissions saved.

Add GasSaver to your checklist when considering a CO2 friendly boiler.