With GasSaver you can enjoy virtually instant hot water.

Boilers are at their least efficient when producing hot water; typically less than 75% efficiency. GasSaver helps to overcome the problem of lukewarm water waste, as energy that would otherwise be wasted via the flue is used to ensure that the water delivered to the taps in your house runs hot much quicker.

With Gassaver, you no longer have to wait long for the cold and lukewarm water to run through. You can fill the sink, start washing, cleaning or scrubbing without a long wait!

GasSaver is especially effective when energy demands are at their highest, during colder the winter months. While cold water mains temperatures may reach 20°C in the summer months, they can fall as low as 4°C in cold winter months (source: TUV).

GasSaver (a PFGHRD) benefits are at their optimum in the winter months when savings are most needed. As your gas boiler consumes more gas, so GasSaver recovers more wasted energy, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions and reduces gas and water bills.

GasSaver saves approximately 37% of the annual energy requirement for domestic hot water production.

A most enjoyable benefit of GasSaver is the reduced amount of wasted lukewarm water that a boiler produces. GasSaver boilers produce usable hot water faster, which is better for the person waiting for the water to run hot, and also translates into a drop in water consumption and water bills for home owners and fuel and utility bill payers.