Highest Boiler Efficiency Ratings with GasSaver

The efficiency of boilers is rated on the SEDBUK Rating which is an indicator of a boiler's efficiency when used within an average domestic household. It's a useful benchmark for comparing new boilers and also when deciding whether your current boiler would be better off being replaced owing to low boiler efficiency.

However, SEDBUK Ratings don't tell the whole story as they don't measure or factor in the additional efficiencies provided by GasSaver.

Only GasSaver provides you with a boiler efficiency rating as high as 97% plus. GasSaver boilers give you a greener boiler option that reuses otherwise waste heat that ordinary 'A' rated boilers send into the atmosphere via the flue (which is often visible even with new boilers as excessive 'pluming' that looks like steam).

Most new boilers will give you better energy efficiency than the boiler you are replacing, but you will only achieve maximum gas boiler efficiency with GasSaver technology.

GasSaver is a passive flue gas heat recovery device that captures energy that would otherwise be wasted and uses the stored heat for your hot water production, which gets hot water to your taps quicker at the same time that it reduces your fuel bills.

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How Efficient Is My Boiler?

How efficient is my boiler? Check boiler efficiency ratings and then consider a boiler efficiency boost with GasSaver


Reduce gas bills when gas use is highest during winter

The cost of heating your home accounts for about 60% of energy bills, and bills are generally at their highest during the colder winter months.


Instant hot water by replacing lukewarm with hot water

With GasSaver, you no longer have to wait for the cold or lukewarm water to run through the system until it's at usable temperature.


Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Devices or Systems - PFGHRD

GasSaver is a Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device (PFGHRD) that reuses heat from your boiler that would otherwise be lost via the flue into the atmosphere and wasted.


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New boiler? Which is the best new boiler for my property

A new boiler is a major investment so it's useful to think about your options to achieve the best results through the lifetime of your boiler.


Reduced carbon footprint, low CO2 emissions gas boilers

Reduced carbon footprint with low CO2 emissions gas boilers